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Greetings in the name of GOD the Father and JESUS Christ the SON. 

It will be a blessing and honor if you would use us for your next Church loan.  MAC Church Financing is helping churches in America that are looking to buy or refinance a church based on their Income and Expenses. Church loans are available for Refinancing, Modification, New Construction, Renovation and Purchase. We have the Financial Institutions in place to process your loan quickly. Our Staff knows all the “ins and outs” to process a CHURCH loan.

Church loans are not like a regular commercial loan. They are unique and only a few companies have the expertise to finance churches. Your mind will be at ease by letting MACCF process your loan request. The Pastors, Officers and Board Members are welcomed to call us anytime. Our job is to fill out all the paperwork,  underwrite your loan, and assist you step by step until you receive the Loan.  From the time you engage our services to process your church loan, we like for the Pastor to contact us by email or phone every other day until the loan closes. Even before your closing date, we will review the final steps with your lawyer, make sure the Title is clean and all documents are in order to finalize the loan.

As an acquisition firm
, we will be the mediator between the Church and the Lender until the loan is closed. We will ask the questions you don’t want to ask and see things you might not see. Our only interest is that you are treated fairly and just. We will make sure you qualify for the best rate, get a Loan you can live with and can afford to pay back. “Our Success Is Helping You.
” We are not in this business just to make money. Doing what is right for the church is our priority.

The best deal for the church is
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness. Call us today for your next church loan and see how the Lord will use MACCF to give your church a loan. We do whatever it takes according to God's righteousness to help all Churches throughout the world. To see a quick video click this link or paste it into your Brower.

          Church Financing according to NEHEMIAH 5:1-19

We believe this is the first step to finance any project for a Church. We recommend the Pastor and the Leaders of the Church read Nehemiah 5:1-19. Then go to the Congregation, Members and Community for financing. If there is love and faith in the Church to raise money for the Church it can be done within 1 year. MAC Church Financing have many ways to financing a church without a Bank. We only ask that you call us with a open mind to do it the right way if it is God will. Let the spirit of Nehemiah enter our heart to served the Lord.

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