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Commercial Financing

  • Since 2003 MACCF have been specializing in financing commercial properties only. Helping Commercial Owners to buy and sell, Developers to finance projects and Churches to expand and grow.  We can do several types commercial loans like refinancing, purchasing, payoff a loan, renovations and construction. Our 15 years of wisdom in doing commercial loans give us a competitive edge over all our competitors. Call us to hear and see our professional service that we offer to all our clients. It’s not about money, it’s about doing what’s best for our clients.

Commercial Cash Deals

  • Cash Deals - We have done 100’s of cash deals to buy commercial properties. They are not easy! Our staff has the experience to assist a Buyer or Seller. We have the know-how to do a cash deal in 14-21 days. Our negotiation skills help us service both the Buyer and Seller to close quicker and importantly, to handle any delays to protect your security deposit. Plus, MACCF can finance the purchase, if you decide not to do a cash deal after you sign the purchase agreement, contingent upon contract provision. When it comes to doing cash deals, MACCF covers all angles. 

Commercial Assessment

  • An assessment should be done before you sell or buy a commercial property. Our fee is .25 basis points. MACCF can do an assessment on any commercial property for the Sellers or Buyers. As a Seller, our staff can help you prepare all the necessary documents to sell your commercial property and before you list it with a realtor. Our assessment provides an estimated market value to ask for the right price. For the Buyer, our staff can do many things to assess the building value before you buy it, to see if it is a good investment. MAACF can advise the Buyer to negotiate the commercial loan with Bankers and financial institutions. Plus, we can assess the Buyer’s income to determine affordability of the purchase and provides income verification to Seller etc.  This Assessment service is for 1 year.     

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What We Do

Commercial Financing The U.S.A. & Canada!


  • To receive a commercial loan you will need a Lawyer and a CPA to start off. Once we have all the right documents, within 60 to 90 days closing with a Title Company. It's that simple. 

Mixed-Use Financing


  • Commercial Properties that produce income are ideal. Got a vacant lot or a development project to make money. Let's do it!

Church Renovation or Construction Loans


  • MACCF has been helping Churches to refinance, construct or purchase buildings nationwide. 9 out of 10 churches in your community know us or have receive financing from MACCF! 

Over $1 Billion Commercial Loans Approved For Financing


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